How to create a project

iTimeTrack projects are where time entries and tasks are contained.

Projects can be created two ways:

  • Manually, as shown in this guide
  • Automatically, when an unmatched heartbeat contains a project name that is not recognized, a new project is automatically created and a rule is also created to match that “heartbeat project” to the newly created project

To manually create a project:

  1. Click Settings
  2. Click Projects
  3. In the page that lists projects, click “Add Project”
  4. In the “Edit Project”, enter the project details
    • A descriptive project name
    • Project key, this should be a very short (3 – 5 characters) string
    • All tasks created in this project, will start with this key
    • Check the “Enable Tasks” checkbox if you are going to:
      • Create tasks
      • Track time against a task
    • Click Save