Editor Plugins

The iTimeTrack Plugins send time information from your favorite editors up to the iTimeTrack server where you can view your time using the web app (itimetrack.com/app/).

  1. WakaTime integration – if you are a user of WakaTime.com, use the iTimeTrack WakaTime Integration.  It will automatically import yesterdays heartbeats/history from WakaTime into iTimeTrack.
  2. Editor Plugins – you can add into your editor either a iTimeTrack or WakaTime editor plugin that will directly send heartbeats to the iTimeTrack.com server.
    • the iTimeTrack plugins are available on five (5) popular windows editors and send data directly to iTimeTrack
    • the WakaTime editor plugins are available for forty plus (40+) editors. After installing, you will need configure the .wakatime.cfg file to point at the iTimeTrack server (api_url=https://itimetrack.com/api/v1/heartbeats) and use your iTimeTrack api key

The following iTimeTrack and WakaTime Editor Plugins are available to use with iTimeTrack.com: