iTimeTrack Atom Plugin

You can use our plugin for GitHub’s Atom editor to automatically track time from within Atom.


  1. From within Atom, go to Settings View then “Install Packages/Themes”
  2. Search for “itimetrack”
  3. Once found, click the “Install” button
  4. If Atom is the first configured plugin, you will need to configure your API key
    1. In Atom go to Settings View | Packages (Manage Packages)
    2. Search for “itimetrack” or browse to find it in Community Packages section
    3. Click Settings
    4. Copy your API key from the website at:!/settings-general
    5. Paste into Atom, for iTimeTrack Plugin Setting for Api Key
    6. Close the settings
  5. You should see the small iTimeTrack icon on the bottom-right, when hovered over will give last heartbeat sent
  6. Once you’ve edited/saved a few lines of a file, you can go to to view your time entries