iTimeTrack WakaTime Integration

There are two ways to retrieve heartbeats from WakaTime:

  • the WakaTime plugins – configured to write heartbeats to or
  • the WakaTime Integration, where you as a user of WakaTime, continue use the plugins to write to the server, then periodically, iTimeTrack will go to the server and copy your heartbeats over… this is the method described in this document

It is assumed that you currently are using WakaTime, and already installed their plugins correctly… If so, this document will describe how to connect iTimeTrack, so it can get your heartbeats/history from the WakaTime server.

  • Login to itimetrack
  • Go to: Settings | WakaTime Integration
  • If you don’t have integration setup yet, a  pop up window will appear, that will ask you to login to WakaTime (or you can also click the “Start WakaTime Link” button)
    • If you don’t see it, look for the popup window, which might be behind the iTimeTrack browser window
    • iTimeTrack WakaTime OAuth window popup
  • If you are not yet logged into WakaTime, you will need to login using your WakaTime credentials
  • The window will then close and start to read your heartbeats from WakaTime, this might take up to one (1) minute
  • Once successfully connected, you will see buttons for: “Sync Now” and “Remove Integration”
    • If you want to get fresh data from WakaTime, press the “Sync Now” button to retrieve the newest data
    • The WakaTime integration will run around midnight to get the previous days heartbeats
    • iTimeTrack successfully connected to WakaTime