What is NOT “automated” time-tracking?

The way the words “automated time tracking” are used is watered down. Its like the word “faux leather”, an insult to the word leather. Just because a computer (software) is tracking it doesn’t mean its automated if you are MANUALLY entering the time entries.

Lets first talk about what automated time tracking is NOT.

  • It’s not automated if you have manually add time entries
  • It’s not automated if you have to start a timer
  • It’s not automated if you have to select a project or task
  • It’s not automated if you have to click a button in Zendesk or Jira

iTimeTrack automatically tracks time for you. To not get confused with the other (non) automatic time trackers, we like to say iTimeTrack automagically tracks time for you, while you work.

Welcome to iTimeTrack

I take it you are here because you hate time tracking, or your team doesn’t like it. Welcome!

iTimeTrack is the time tracking solution that wants to automagically record as much of your billable time as possible (automatically).

We hope the variety of editor plugins cover all of your time tracking needs. We are also happy to work with individual companies to create custom solutions to fit your workflow, please contact us to discuss.

This is the blog for iTimeTrack, feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments or start new discussion.

Thanks and best,

Elias Asfaw-Kirby